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Blue Stone Sunshield - FULL FACE RAINBOW

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Bluestone Sunshields are the chic solution to anti-aging and protection against sun damage. Our original full shields are designed to provide extra protection and privacy post-cosmetic treatments to allow for proper healing. The transparent and adjustable lens can be worn up like a visor or down to provide ultimate privacy and protection.

  • Blocks 99% UVA/UVB rays
  • Protects from Blue Light
  • ANSI Z80.3 Approved
  • Adjustable / Transparent Lens
  • Ideal for post treatment and recovery downtime 

**This sunshield is heat sensitive and designed for post-treatment and requires you to be extra careful with them as overexposure to direct sunlight or if left in the car (for example) can cause damages.  Anything with Lux in the name is made from higher quality heat resistant material so you won't have issues with distortion of the material.


** If PRE ORDER is in the title, we currently do not have this in stock, but will soon! Pre-ordering allows you to claim this item before it enters our store floor to ensure you get first choice! Once this item is received in clinic, we will notify you immediately! If you are looking for clarity on an ETA, please call the office, or email us so that we may follow up.