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The Calm Mom Facial


A facial for all those hard working mom's that deserve some self care and down time. Put away the stress and let us do all the work!

The Calm Mom Facial is a therapeutic approach to addressing skin concerns using active ingredients in our relaxing spa atmosphere. The Calm Mom Facial is a spin off our Medical Facial which can be used to address a variety of skin concerns such as aging, rosacea, acne, discolouration, and sensitive skin. The use of high level active ingredients during the course of the treatment will improve the integrity and quality of your skin. You will leave feeling rejuvenated, rested, and replenished we can guarantee you that!

Calm Mom Facial additions FREE during the treatment: 
Paraffin hand wax: Paraffin wax contains natural emollients that when applied to the skin help to soften, add moisture, and boost the skins ability to hold hydration once the treatment is completed. We will be using an unscented paraffin wax with added essential oils to tell your mom "I love you-cylutpus mom."

Casmara mask: The face mask that covers all of your necessities. These masks are formulated with marine algae extracts and other active ingredients to level up your skin!This facial is relaxation focused rather than result driven using medical grade skin care, paraffin wax and a Casmara mask to level up your serenity and skin!