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AHA Reveal- Exfoliating Serum


Minimize visible imperfections within days with this exclusive complex of clinically-proven soothing plant extracts and the next generation in AHAs.

To further minimize the risk of redness, tingling and stinging, AHA Reveal contains clinically-tested levels of soothing White Tea and Sea Whip along with a Brazilian plant complex of Kola, Mate and Guarana that is clinically-proven to reduce the irritating effects of AHAs.

This remarkable serum is a self-preserving formula that relies on Glycolic and Lactic Acids combined with two hydrators to provide stability and protect from microbial contamination for a year or longer.

AHA Reveal is developed for all skin types, even those that have been unable to use glycolic acid in the past. This skin-hugging gel won’t flake, crack, peel or discolor. When stored in a cool, darkened area, the stability of this formula is guaranteed for at least one year.

  • Does not contain sulfates, benzoyl peroxide, colorants, phthalates, synthetic fragrance or parabens.
  • Animal cruelty free


Skin Conditions

Aging, Acneic, Discolored, Rough, Scaly, Sun-damage, Ashy, Clogged | Previously Intolerant Of Glycolic Acid


Action Ingredients

  • AHAminoPlex™ | glycolic/amino acid complex ensures maximum AHA delivery with minimum discomfort
  • Lactic Acid | lactic/amino acid complex ensures maximum AHA delivery with minimum discomfort
  • White Tea | stronger than green tea, calms signs of redness and tingling in seconds


Apply to clean, dry skin AM/PM or once a day. Avoid eye area. Follow with moisturizer or other treatment. Always wear SPF 30+ during the day.

* Note: Some skin may experience slight stinging or tingling during the first few days of using AHA Reveal, or if the product is applied after bathing or showering. If this occurs, wait five minutes after bathing or until skin is dry.