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Dermaplaning Facial


Dermaplaning Medi Facial 

An Instant Glow! A clinical skin treatment that uses a stainless steel surgical tool to meticulously move across the skin removing 2-3 weeks of built up skin cells and vellus facial hair. This treatment is ideal for clients in their 20’s-40’s who want to stimulate the skin and activate a radiance that can be seen by family and friends. Treatment includes a double cleanse, prep solution, dermaplaning, enzyme treatment, 30 minutes of Celluma LED light therapy, and finished with clarifying serums, moisturizer and SPF



For clients seeking a cost-effective, non-invasive treatment to revitalize and refresh the appearance of aged, fuzzy, or sun-damaged skin, the Essence Of L Medi Spa team is pleased to offer customizable dermaplaning treatments.

Dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment that helps to “refinish” the top layers of the skin through a method of controlled surgical scraping. This gentle, yet powerful technique softens and smoothes the skin’s texture and appearance, helping to reveal radiant healthier glowing skin!


Dermaplaning Benefits

  • Helps exfoliates clients with sensitive skin
  • Vellus hair (“peach fuzz,” fine facial hair)
  • Facial redness (rosacea)
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Offers a better exfoliation than microdermabrasion
  • Great alternative for clients who have vascular lesions on the face (i.e. spider veins)
  • promotes the turn over of the skin making it appear brighter and smoother


Dermaplaning Contraindications

  • Active acne
  • Accutane- clients must be off Accutane for a minimum of 6 months
  • Active cancer treatment ( Chemotherapy or Radiation)
  • Waxing or Threading for 7 days pre/post treatment
  • Facial Injectables (Botox or Filler) 2 weeks post-treatment
  • Blood thinners
  • Skin lesions- Herpes infections, eczema, lupus, open lesions, diabetes, keratosis
  • Topical Retinol, Retina-A, Renova, Differen 7 days before your treatment


As an added benefit, by removing the outermost layers of dead skin cells, dermaplaning facilitates optimal penetration of future skincare product application, thus amplifying the efficacy of the products and extending the rejuvenating effects of your treatment.



Dermaplaning is a quick, painless treatment that should not produce any redness or skin irritation, and can be customized into a full facial treatment. During your procedure, which will take place in the comfort of our beautiful boutique style facility in White Rock, BC, we will use a  ‘butter-blade’ scalpel to carefully exfoliate the outer layers of dead skin cells and remove fine facial hair (vellus hair, “peach fuzz”). Because of the fine, soft structural composition of vellus hair, removing it will not make it grow in thicker or coarser.

Once your session is complete, you can immediately return to your normal activities—amazing your friends and family with your clear, glowing, revitalized skin! To maximize and extend your skin-smoothing results, you may schedule periodic dermaplaning maintenance treatments at 3-4 week intervals.

This treatment can be performed on its own, or in conjunction with any of our facial rejuvenation procedures as an ADD ON PRICE, and has been shown to improve the efficacy of complementary services, such as a chemical peel, SkinPen or BBL photofacial by facilitating a deeper and more even penetration.